Alpha House is a year-long program for women and their children leaving an abusive relationship. They provide protective and affordable fully furnished housing; individual and group counselling for women and all age appropriate children.

Alpha House


The objective of this rebrand was to update and refine Alpha House’s outreach and impact. This was achieved through creating a logo which clearly communicates who alpha house stands for, fitting a colour palette that conveys femininity and the strength that comes with it, and a modern take on the website and stationary.

Individually only one of the colours is strong, but together they all are strong. The more muted colours are lifted and become more strong when placed with the bolder pink, a metaphor for how women support each other, especially when in need.

I chose the brand expressions used to augment Alpha House’s existing services whilst simultaneously bringing them into the modern age.


Created in the RRC
Adv. Graphic Design Program