Amble makes getting around easy
and safe for anyone and everyone. Get assistance fast if you’re injured, in danger, or just uncomfortable.



Amble’s logotype features a friendly looking geometric sans serif paired with the illustrative “M” that represents the path that our users travel along. This was done to ensure users that Amble will assist you in getting from point “A” to “B” safely and easily.

The Icon for the app uses only the road illustration paired with 2 circles of the same colour, representing the start and end of the user’s travels. The road has been flipped vertically to avoid any confusion, and the brands signature yellow was used to indicate Amble’s “Safety first” approach.

All of the brands colours were meticulously hand-selected by our team with the WebAIM colour contrast checker in mind. Meeting accessibility guidelines is paramount, as the entire point of the application is to help those with impairments - one of them being colour-blindness. Amble stands proud knowing all text inside meets the WCAG AA standards for web accessibility. Utilizing an extremely legible font — Roboto — aids Amble in being as consumer friendly as possible.

Branding/Identity/App Design

Created in the RRC
Adv. Graphic Design Program